Independent Insurance Agency In Sioux Falls

Premier Benefit Advisors Is Locally Owned & Operated

Premier Benefit Advisors, Inc. is a local, family-owned independent insurance agency with over 35 years of experience in the field. However, more important than knowledge, we pride ourselves in giving over-the-top service and education. Let’s face it – the world of insurance and employee benefits is confusing and many times, downright frustrating. We get it. And we do whatever it takes to help you get it too.

At Premier Benefit Advisors, we create custom benefit packages for your employees that fit your needs (and budget too!), but that’s just the beginning. After benefits are in place, we make sure that your employees are educated on their benefits and well taken care of once they enroll. There are A LOT of insurance agencies in town. Plenty of them do part of what we do, but nobody does what we do. Call us today and find out why!

What We Do

Simple answer? Employee benefits. In more depth, we work with employers to find out about their business, their employees, their pain points, challenges, etc. We take that information and create custom benefit packages that fit their needs, budget, and ultimately, help them retain their current employees and attract new ones. As an employer, we understand you have a TON on your plate, and benefits are probably that last thing you want to think about or deal with. However, they’re no longer something you can afford to ignore. Most job candidates are looking for two things when they apply for a job: pay and benefits. At Premier Benefit Advisors, let us take care of the benefits.

Why We’re Different

As an independent agency, we work with several different carriers and have exclusive partnerships that allow us to get creative in finding benefit solutions that work for your business. We take the extra time to meet with and educate your employees one-on-one so they understand their benefits and ultimately, appreciate and value what you’re providing and/or offering to them. When they have a question or need help, they have our cell phone numbers, not a 1-800 customer service line. We consider ourselves to be experts in the products we sell, and our service is second to none!